From Bla to Breathtaking

Jason Morey, the president of Brookwood Landscape & Stonework and Susan Mykulowycz the office manager and creative director of floral design of the company discuss how to handle that boring, lackluster phase of how flower pots and window boxes look after the winter, but before flowers are in full bloom here in the North-East part of the US.

One of the challenges in this zone of the country that all garden enthusiasts face is how to jazz up the entrances to the windows and entrances of your homes, buildings and offices right after winter and before Spring has officially sprung!

According to Jason and Susan, they invite you to think out of the box in terms of the raw materials you can use to create stunning window enhancements and attractive entranceway planters during that time of year where live flowers and plants are not readily available in this temperate zone.

Bringing a certain innovative flare with the resources that you use to showcase a simple yet sensational design to your window boxes and pots is the secret sauce to awesome sauce.

This is what the Brookwood Landscape and Stonework leadership team recommend doing to give your outside window dressings and planters a seasonal look that will add a splash of color and celebrate Spring before it has sprung.

  • First you want to think on different levels in terms of designing your window box or flower pot. Think high, medium and low.
  • Use local early blooming plants like Pussy Willow, Forsythia and/or even Birch tree branches to create height and space.
  • Use moss for the low levels of your planter or box.  Different shades of moss can provide the illusion of depth with a hint of whimsical.
  • Use eggs, sea shells, star fish, spheres or even ribbon as playful elements in the high medium and low level of your design.

Most importantly have fun manifesting your vision for what is possible with your Spring ideas for your windows and entranceways.

If you don’t have the confidence to design your own window boxes or flower pots for the Spring and each season throughout the year let Brookwood Landscape and Stonework do your seasonal plantings for you. Feel free to contact Brookwood Landscape and Stonework at:

(978) 777-0400 or schedule an appointment for a complimentary consult through our website.

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