Let’s Think Spring

A 3 Phase TO DO LIST for your yard after Winter

Based on decades of knowledge, expertise and wisdom, Jason Morey, the president of Brookwood Landscaping tells us how to properly Spring Clean and prepare the land around your home to optimize the beauty that the Vernal Equinox can bring to your property.

According to Jason, this is phase one of the Spring Clean TO DO LIST:

Clean up broken branches, dead leaves, debris, trash and dog poop. Yes, you just read that last sentence correctly. As you may already know, some neighbors are not responsible pet owners and will nonchalantly “look the other way” when their pooch does their business on your lawn.  

Cleaning up after someone else’s’ dog mess, is not a pleasant chore but if you allow nature to take its course, it can cause lawn thatch. Lawn thatch is an unhealthy lawn condition where the under growth of grass is dead and looks brown. Basically, the dead lawn thatch strangles the fresh shoots of grass that are trying to emerge in the spring. 

Lawn Thatch

A pile of pooh can also provide the perfect environment for mushrooms, fungus and bacteria to grow in, as well.

Make sure you rake up dead leaves under trees, under bushes, the edges of your beds, at the base of your stone wall, fences and of course your lawn. This is an important task so the soil gets fresh air flow and sunshine. You can also assess for any health problems that your shrubs, perennials, trees and your lawn might have before it becomes a systemic issue.

Every Spring it is important to rake out the old bark mulch from the areas in your yard and mix in fresh bark mulch before putting the mulch back. The reason this is an essential Spring Cleaning activity is because mulch can affect the PH level of the surrounding soil. Before putting the mulch, back be sure to test the PH and supplement the area with the proper products to ensure correct PH levels.

Also without aerating the bark mulch it can contribute to root rot around trees and bushes while simultaneously creating the perfect space for fungi and mold to grow.  

If these little tidbits of information have not convinced you to remove the old bark mulch and remix with new bark mulch around your home then hopefully this next fact can inspire you to refresh the bark mulch around your property

After layers and layers of bark mulch have accumulated over years it can create the ideal habitat for a mulch fire to begin. Over time and completely unnoticed the fire slowly smolders and spreads under ground and under the surface of the bark mulch until it finally bursts into flames.  

Clearly, this is a major safety issue that is easy to prevent by raking out old bark mulch and mixing in fresh bark mulch before moving the mulch back into place. Now this will take effort and you will need to put your back into it, but this one preventative measure can save your home from a dangerous fire. Plus, you won’t have to go to the gym that weekend.

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