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With 90+ years of combined industry experience, our expert team of designers, hardscape masons and pool builders will bring a level of expertise you’ll find nowhere else. 

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Are you looking for a fun way to spend more time with your friends and family this summer? Is it finally time to upgrade your home with that pool you’ve wanted for years?

When it comes to altering your property, whether for a pool installation or any other way, you want to make sure you only work with the best of the best. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you can expect from Brookwood Landscaping.

We can install the perfect pool for your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can make your pool dreams come true.

Leading Selection of Pool Designs

No matter what kind of vision you have for your pool, we have the perfect design for you. With eight different model series available (detailed below), all available in several different colors, there isn’t a vision we can’t fulfill. To complement our stock models, we can also install a number of pool add-ons, including tanning ledges, square and round spas, and other options. 

C Series


The C Series features a tanning ledge, generous bench seat, and stunning curve appeal while providing more swim space than any other pool in its class.

Sizes Available:

  • 16 x 35
  • 16 x 40

I Series


The I Series strikes the perfect balance between curve appeal and swim space.

Sizes Available:

  • 12 x 25
  • 14 x 30

D Series


The D Series covers a variety of different needs. Complete with a tanning ledge pool, adults can lounge and relax while kids can splash and play, making it the perfect backyard addition for families. 

Sizes Available:

  • 12 x 24
  • 15 x 28
  • 15 x 32
  • 16 x 36
  • 16 x 40

R Series


The R Series features ample seating areas, a vast pool interior, and sleek, clean lines. It’s considered by many to be the most well-balanced rectangular pool available.

Sizes Available:

  • 10 x 20
  • 12 x 24
  • 15 x 28
  • 15 x 32
  • 16 x 36
  • 16 x 40

M Series


The M Series features a modern design featuring a tanning ledge, spacious bench seating, and a dedicated swim lane. This versatility makes it as suitable for an evening party as a cool-off zone post-workout. 

Sizes Available:

  • 10 x 25
  • 14 x 35

L Series


The L36 model offers a grand tanning ledge, sizable deep end bench, and roomy pool interior. For relaxation, whether for an individual or a family, it can’t be beat. 

Sizes Available:

  • 16 x 36

T Series


The T40 model is 6″ deeper than most of the fiberglass deep end pools on the market, with a shallow end 30% larger than the industry standard.

Sizes Available:

  • 16 x 40 x 8’6″ Deep

X Series


The X36 model showcases a spacious rectangular pool with an integrated spa and tanning ledge. It has everything you need to relax, unwind, or throw that party that everyone will remember.

Sizes Available:

  • 16 x 36

What Makes Our Installation Better?

Our 7-practice installation process is designed to eliminate the most common problems that people experience with fiberglass pool installers. 


Practice 1: Crushed/Chipped Stone Backfill Material

Using clean, crushed stone backfill under and around the outside of your pool shell, we ensure that there is no liquifying in the ground or shifting taking place in the long run. 

Practice 2: All Schedule 40 PVC Hard Pipe

While it takes more effort to install, we only use hard pipe in our installations. This is because flexible pipe is not rated for underground use, making it riskier to use. 



Practice 3: Plumbing Straps Secure Plumbing to the Pool Shell

More than just about anything else, movement is the cause of pool plumbing leaks. When pipes shift, this sets in motion a chain reaction that puts undue stress on the pipe, plumbing connections, and the pool’s attached components such as return jets, skimmers, and drains. To ensures no stress is placed on any component of the plumbing system—significantly reduce the risk of leaks—we secure the plumbing by fastening the pipes to the pool shell using a strap system.

Practice 4: Our "River Rod" Fuses the Fiberglass Pool Shell and Patio Together

Oftentimes, problems can occur at the intersection of the pool shell and the patio join. One area of concern is where the pool shell and patio join. This is why we developed our River Rod to fuse the fiberglass pool shell and patio together to prevent shifting, settlement, or movement of any kind that could result in structural failure.



Practice 5: Plumbing Encased in Stone to Prevent Plumbing Settlement

For the same reason we use crushed stone instead of sand for our backfill, we encase plumbing in stone—to reduce any movement or jarring. 

Practice 6: 12" Thick Concrete Bond Beam Around Perimeter of Pool

To stabilize the pool shell, we pour our concrete bond beam extra thick, locking everything in place for far longer than with pools installed by our competitors. 



Practice 7: Sump Pipe for Monitoring/Removing Ground Water

We include a sump pipe with every installation to make draining and pool shell inspection as easy and convenient as possible. 

The Best Option for Pool Installation in North Shore Massachusetts

Founded in 2010, we bring over a decade of experience to pool installations as a company. But where we really shine is in the individual talents of our team. Combined, our expert team of installers has over 90 years of experience installing pools of all kinds. This unrivaled experience shows in not just the quality of our work but also our expedited installation process, attention to customer detail, and ability to install all kinds of pool models and add ons. We also strive to make the installation process as simple as possible for our customers through free educational content on our Learning Hub. 

Our services are available in Beverly, Beverly Farms, Danvers, Peabody, Wenham, Hamilton, Topsfield, Boxford, Georgetown, Newbury, Rowley, Newburyport, Essex, Gloucester, Marblehead, Salem, Swampscott, Wakefield, Lynnfield, Reading, North Reading, Andover, North Andover, Manchester By The Sea, Stoneham, and Middleton.

How Much Does it Cost for Inground Pool Installation?

Brookwood has partnered with River Pools of Warsaw Virginia, the leaders in fiberglass pool manufacturers, as the North Eastern Massachusetts area dealer you have the full support of both cutting edge technology and personalized service.

We tailor each installation to the needs of the specific customer. This means that your pool installation cost will change depending on the specific details of your installation. Price can depend on such factors as location, access to this location, the specific model of pool involved, size, types of mechanical equipment you choose, lighting, special features and so on. 

The average cost for a completed pool project that includes; pool shell, installation, coping, pool deck, mechanical equipment, fencing and landscaping can cost on a low end of $80,000.00 and go up to $130,000.00 or more depending on options a multitude of factors.

Fortunately, in scheduling a free consultation with us, you can get an accurate quote for your specific installation. 

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Our 5 Year Workmanship Warranty

As mentioned above, our installation process is designed specifically to eliminate the most common problems customers experience with pool installations. However, as extra assurance, our installations come with a 5-year limited workmanship warranty (3 full/2 partial), which includes:

  • Pool shifting or settlement
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Fitting leaks
  • Separation of pool from patio
  • Structural patio issues

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With nearly a century of combined experience in the industry, we are the leading pool installer in the North Shore, Massachusetts area. For fiberglass swimming pools, you can trust, we’re the people to call.

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