Snow Removal

Reliability and Sense of Urgency

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

Snow and Ice management by Brookwood means going above and beyond. We deliver decades of experience, dedicated employees, and top notch equipment. Brookwood’s crews and staff are always up to challenge of a big New England storm; we understand that snow and ice can have a negative impact on your tenants, customers. Let Brookwood Landscaping remove this potential problem and take the stress and hassle out of winter weather for you.

*Commercial Parking Lots
*Industrial Facilities
*Offices/Office Complexes
*Apartment Complexes
*Management Companies
*Medical/Retirement Facilities
*Auto Dealers

Detailed Planning

Specific plans detailing how we can keep you property safe and clear during and after snow events

Removal and Relocation

Off site or stacked and moved, we can take those piles and reduce refreeze and maximize your parking

All Surfaces

Roadways, Parking Lots , Walkways, Stairs and Ramp De-icing, a proactive approach with cutting edge materials such a *Magic-o" a liquid magnesium that lowers the freeze thresholds and reduces surface ice