The what and why of hardscape

Most homeowners want their yard to be not only functional but beautiful as well – a retreat from the stress and hustle of everyday life.  How do homeowners decide where the best place is to put a patio or flower beds?  How do they ensure that the drainage is adequate or  yard level enough to install raised beds of plants or pavers for a walkway?  This is where the professionals at a hardscape design company come is handy.  Let’s look at what hardscape really means and why it might be the best choice for your yard.

What is hardscape? Structures like driveways, fences, walls and brick or rock paths are examples of hardscape design. The most impressive yard makeovers are those that successfully integrate the softscape – trees, shrubs and flowers – with the hardscape.

Why Choose Hardscape design?

  • Aesthetics – Adding hardscape to your yard can extend the look of your home regardless of whether it is traditional or contemporary,   Walkways, fountains, planters, walls, fire pits and a variety of other elements can be expertly designed to add to the beauty of your home and take advantage of the natural elements that already exist.
  • Curb Appeal – Many, many homeowners are adding hardscape to paint an immediate positive impression for potential buyers.  A home that’s beautifully landscaped sells for about 10 percent more than a home without the same attention to things like landscape design, according to real estate experts.
  • Environmental Need – Your yard had specific needs.  There are many elements of hardscape design, such as retaining walls and drainage that are used for more than aesthetic reasons. A retaining wall, for example, can be used next to a sloped lawn, to stop the encroachment of water, while different elements of drainage are hidden through other elements of hardscape design.

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